Celebrating the birth of death


The season of death’s around the corner

The first of its kind, she’s being honored


With passing faces and clouded whispers

Somewhat distant yet somehow blisters

She wants to fight it, hold on to memories

Of chasing winds, of senses blazing

Of scratches and bruises, of stargazing


Of falling and of being picked up

The time has come

Of falling and picking yourself up


And as she sees herself shrivel and slowly fade away

As she stands by a witness to her death

It’ll take time, but she’ll learn to rejoice in this act 

Of letting go and celebrating the facts

Yes, somehow she’ll surpass


Revelling in her ashes, while paving new ways

Autums never last, the thirst’s never unquenched

Life finds its balance,heed to its way


The season of birth’s around the corner

First of its kind, she’s being honored.







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