Overgrown ashes,blooms fill the doom Lovers on oasis,can’t care for the swoon Waters cascading as you sink below Down down Deep down Right till you’re all but gone.   Set fire make it rain,my man sores higher Cover my heart,make me bleed to the higher lows unravelled. We see the water falling,as i sink below…

It better be me

  So you go about frolicking, careless Offering your overpriced caresses When it comes to being Subdued¬†once and for all Back down I’d be the reason for my own fall       So i say to myself Let’s burn the pages We’ll start anew Right through the ages, to prove Fate don’t know you…

What will it take?

Original What will it take For you to see me As not a shadow of her Or a fragment of him? Will my pride suffice? Or will my giving up be the price Will you then see me? For who I am, For who I always was Simply Me

Speech to thy self

Careful Of what you wish for Beware Of what is left undreamt For one can consume While the other Will take you down Unprepared   Undone   Unsaid  

No More

Arguments What use? Once begun we’ll abuse Futile For we¬†know Its not me Nor its you   But quit? I’ll no more A little late But finally aboard I know you’ll get it I know we’ll make it Won’t we? We do for the most . For the most,yes But the clock has chimed Its…

How bad it gets..

When your own self   Betrays you   Time and again, it denies   The hollow eyes staring back   Its you.           Pic: Google(wish I’d known the artist cause damn.. Those eyes!)  

Untitled#5 How The Mighty Have Fallen..

Daring   Had enough Enough of being washed over The tides ruling my hover The rocks claiming and deciding my path This is capsize you decide No more It’s time It’s time I finally surface Not enough, It’s time to resurrect My path,my views,my limits My forlorn shoulders ache to carry Bring it on I’m…