Overgrown ashes,blooms fill the doom

Lovers on oasis,can’t care for the swoon

Waters cascading

as you sink below

Down down

Deep down

Right till you’re all but gone.


Set fire make it rain,my man sores higher

Cover my heart,make me bleed to the

higher lows unravelled. We see the

water falling,as i

sink below

Down down

Deep down

Right till i’m all but gone.


So hold me?

as i fall deeper into our uncouth


I’m losing it all,we’re taking the fall

Wasting the light on our dark souls


So hold me

as we fall,as i embrace it all


Put my heart in your hand

as i clamp onto yours


livewire‘s all but come




rhythm divine, a new category. an attempt to Rearrange her thoughts and bring forth the songs which have somehow touched her and left behind some blissful-or-maybe-not memories. just putting some words of the songs in use and in no way trying to recreate the essence already created.

livewire by oh wonder, first choice. you only have to listen to know why. if you have 3 minutes to spare then please do and enjoy.

(really wanted but sorry couldn’t add the audio or video as it’s allowed only for the premium plan which i err.. don’t have! )


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Radha Parikh says:

    Wasting the light on our dark souls, oh my god.


    1. cias911 says:

      Dramatic much right?


  2. Radha Parikh says:

    Livewire, that touched your heart?


    1. cias911 says:

      😂 i know right ..damn the months younger me . Its just that how i came to know about the song and the story behind it is ..well something


      1. Radha Parikh says:

        how did you come to know about the song?


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