What will last forever? Not you not me. But our time together, no matter how distant, for lifetimes to come it will haunt me. Your stretched out hand,your face full of yearning and that long second before i made up my mind. And just as soon as i had given you hope i crushed it, as i…

Untitled #7 To be you..

As long as you are amazed at the brilliance of the stars As long as you are thrilled by aeroplanes, soaring near or far As long as you are filled with wonder looking at the setting sun As long as you have the time to pet every darn cute little pup As long as you…

Celebrating the birth of death

  The season of death’s around the corner The first of its kind, she’s being honored   With passing faces and clouded whispers Somewhat distant yet somehow blisters She wants to fight it, hold on to memories Of chasing winds, of senses blazing Of scratches and bruises, of stargazing   Of falling and of being…

The thing about fireflies..

   chasing fireflies to lock them in a jar.    i’d always free them and you, learnt to love from afar. wish i could learn to love from afar.

Of Stigma and Enigma..

What are you looking at? My hideous scars? No, And that’s what scares me. Why are you so close when Where I want you is with the rest, Far away,oblivious or sacred. Why aren’t your eyes filled with horror But questions,curiously unashamed. Makes me delirious,how so? That’s the type more dangerous You’re the crowd I…

Of slumber and pillow sham

Pale and tangible In the moonlit armour   The firery red flowing Making way through your auburn   The air’s so crisp and musty With your scent   Flowing unhindered Slithering down the bed   A dozen down but still Far from Sated   Always a thrill, the sight Of ashen faces with pillow cases

It better be me

  So you go about frolicking, careless Offering your overpriced caresses When it comes to being Subdued once and for all Back down I’d be the reason for my own fall       So i say to myself Let’s burn the pages We’ll start anew Right through the ages, to prove Fate don’t know you…

Speech to thy self

Careful Of what you wish for Beware Of what is left undreamt For one can consume While the other Will take you down Unprepared   Undone   Unsaid  

No More

Arguments What use? Once begun we’ll abuse Futile For we know Its not me Nor its you   But quit? I’ll no more A little late But finally aboard I know you’ll get it I know we’ll make it Won’t we? We do for the most . For the most,yes But the clock has chimed Its…

How bad it gets..

When your own self   Betrays you   Time and again, it denies   The hollow eyes staring back   Its you.           Pic: Google(wish I’d known the artist cause damn.. Those eyes!)