Of slumber and pillow sham

Pale and tangible In the moonlit armour   The firery red flowing Making way through your auburn   The air’s so crisp and musty With your scent   Flowing unhindered Slithering down the bed   A dozen down but still Far from Sated   Always a thrill, the sight Of ashen faces with pillow cases

Of Aces and Queens 

Pick up the pieces  You’ll be fine  Keep waiting on the sidelines I’ll make it alright    Guess I was Sated For my hunger unsedated Hanging on the Liminal , perturbed Left waiting where I was   Still I fight Away the dreams The shredded hopes Misplaced beliefs   Was an ace to this game Well…

Knowing her  

Primped up?  No That’s who she is Two shades, a canvas One for you And all for me