Time on me

I realise how cheesy it sounds but I could see constellations in your eyes. I could feel our souls yearning to be together yet again in this lifetime. The air crackled and I swear we could have short circuited the whole place down. Until you reached forward and held my hand and I heard a thousand angels sigh.

I realise how crazy it sounds, but I decide to let go of that outstretched hand. Not because of some heart warmingly justified reason, no. Just because I want to. Just because the stars in our constellation have become mere rocks to me. You were the best part of my mornings and nights but I’ve grown to live in the twilights now. It’s not your fault, of course. And with much effort, I finally kick-boxed my guilt for it’s not my fault either. I’m allowed to feel but then again, I’m allowed to change, aren’t I?

What remains unchanged is, in the end you were the one for me, the me that no longer exists.


– excerpt of a musing I’ll finish penning down one day, someday.


pic credits:  Foram Sanariya

Do check her work out. She’s new, she’s fresh and with her weird pigeon fascination, she’s on a path to rule her domain.


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