How bad? This bad..


What’s that again?”

Says the four feet of battered soul


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  1. cias911 says:

    Wow that makes me more than just happy. Ecstatic?! You know seeing your blog I had to follow it at once I mean I saw those covers and was drooling and then I read your first blog post and couldn’t stop reading as many reviews as possible 😂 I love the entertaining way in which u present all the reviews. Brutally honest and humorous..and the best way to satiate my type of book thirst.😍 I’m so glad I stumbled across your blog. (Okay is this too long? Sorry got carried away. I never know when to stop. Okay maybe right now?)


  2. The photos are just beautiful. They represent! I love your blog. 🙂

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  3. Sara Kenneth says:

    Beautifully expressed with minimal use of words!
    Loved it! 😍

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    1. cias911 says:

      Thank you! u can see using minimal words is so not my thing…so thanks for commenting this means so much.

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      1. Sara Kenneth says:

        We never know where our strength lies…
        Minimal words may turn out to be ur strength cias911 !! 😍😊😉👌👍

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      2. cias911 says:

        Wow! okay well let’s see if I can prove u right !!


      3. Sara Kenneth says:

        Well, I wish you all the very best for ur word quest… 😊😊😊

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      4. cias911 says:

        Well thanks a lot ..your blessings will take me higher 😂🙏

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