Untitled#4 If only you had..

Everyone deserves a chance at redemption. True. But do you want that chance? Do you always want to be redeemed? Sometimes doesn’t the dark become too damn comfortable to leave? She knows this can’t be for forever, she sees redemption lurking in the corner teasing her, luring her but why, why isn’t she tempted? 

She can see the temptation of good old days of oblivious rhapsodies,so why? Why this unwillingness to remain in this static state of melancholy?

Because sometimes you are tired of trying. So until then…


She steals a glance,you look away

She makes a stance,you’d better not stay

She makes you see all that you’ve lost

You say “honey I know, I’ll play the cost.”

“you would now,would you?”,she seems to mock

Sarcasm’s the common ground,not much of a shock

Each time you push, each time you drop

You’re really in need of a hoppity hop hop

But isn’t that what she is? Isn’t that what she always was?

Well what can I say! Some people are just a lost cause.

#4 opportunities knock only once? Bullshit. They knock again and again. But… with each unattended call its knock becomes faint and fainter. So either just do it now or you can always grow bigger ears!

Pic credit Pixaby


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  1. Interesting perspective on opportunities. They knock again and again but only grow fainter if unattended. I sure will be on the look-out. I love your poem . Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. cias911 says:

      No thank you so much for your kind words😃 your comments always inspire me!


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