The good night’s sleep


mama’s gonna tuck you in

sleep pretty one,sleep through my sins

tuck you so tight,claustrophobic right?

oh well,practised hard to get it just right


but not so innocent are you lil’ one

smiling oh so sweetly,am i the only one

who can see the sneers lying beneath

your serenity spiked with its chilling creeps


but after years of practice i thought i had finally mastered

an expert if you may, i credited myself hereafter

jovial at last! freedom to last..

or at least that is what i had thought


until that fateful day that i like to call ‘everyday’

little by little you take away your so called claim

karma’s a bitch you seem to muse away

will you find it that funny when i begin my slay?


your loving embrace,not ready for it just yet

so until then lay hush,don’t you fret

for when you strike, dear guilt ,

i know its all gonna go downhill


so like the desperate i am,LET me tuck you in

go on and have some good night’s sleep

while i go live yet another nightmare

you stay where you are and don’t give me a scare…



but i’ll be prepared

for i know you’ll dare.







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