Untitled #3 When to hold back?

She sees it all in fast forward, wasn’t it supposed to be in slow motion instead? The screeching of brakes the flashes of memories..STOP!

She wakes up panting,didn’t know it could be so strong. The urge to protect to hold and keep safe. You thank him a thousand times and then again. Did you tell her you love her enough?

Did you let her know how her presence filled your being with a slow shimmering glow. Of course you didn’t,you were busy being the shy one. Stupid!

Enough. You go and out the blue message your heart down to freak her out but oh well! She’ll get it, she’s as creepy as I am.

Damn that bitch! Sorry, but hey that’s what we usually call each other. She’s so damn stubborn! Frustrating. She had the guts to reply ‘why you being weird?’

She still wouldn’t tell you about  that incident which had you both scared to death and beyond. ‘Being modest again are ya? Why do you keep doing that?

Why don’t you just get it out with?Knowing about your troubles keeps me calm. Unlike most of the time when I have to force it out of you! God! you are frustrating and don’t get all started about your atheism right now cause I have had enough!!’



Well ya she is seething love right now. Its so amazing to see her lose her calm.

Its just that now she realizes the unfathomable called life. She has had an important lesson one I would never wish upon her nor on her object of frustration ever again.

#3 the same old lesson said by the millions in million other ways. Yet the damn humanity can’t seem to comprehend can they?

Don’t hold back now, tomorrow or ever. Stop shelving doing the inevitable.

For if its gonna hurt its gonna hurt either way and if its gonna mend .. 

what the hell you waiting for? you are the sunny day.


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