just another fancy name..

via Daily Prompt: Mistake

“It doesn’t solve a thing to dress it, in a pretty gown
A stone will not need you to guess if, you’re still going to drown
So you know what drives me out
Out of my mind, oh..”

[poets if the fall ; illusion and dreams]



So,what drives you out of your mind?

me? just being me seems to be enough

believe me, when i say

you and me,it’is going to be the end of me


shouldn’t, yet i know your every dark corner

i see it resonating my brooding quagmire

i loathe you, leave me!  liar liar

me without you,you without me! 

not a huge fan of satire.


so i’m going about calling my life just a faux pas

hey,isn’t that just another fancy name

for the same ol’ devil or as i am better known as.. 

now,what was it?umm..



the devil i love and who loves me back

the devil who bruises still i am willing to crack

the devil of me, my devil in you

do i wanna know where all this leads to?

anywhere but back


so,what drives you out of your mind?




Ending again with the poets of the falls,(i simply love them!)for it seems just too



‘ So can you name your demon?
Understand it’s scheming
I raise my glass and say “Here’s to you”

Can you chase your demon?
Or will it take your freedom?
I raise my glass and say “Here’s to you” ‘


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  1. cias911 says:

    Glad you feel that way😊


  2. mySestina says:

    simply beautiful…

    Liked by 1 person

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