untitled#2 being picasso

via Daily Prompt: Learning

“i’ve changed” she says again,as if to convince herself rather than me. would you blame me if i find it hard to believe her. with hair all tousled up,and eyes instead of radiating the new found passion is clouded with delusion,not a very convincing picture right?

but knowing you the way i know you,i should know better than to judge from the covers.

so i say…. tell me about it.



#2       you’ve reached it,so i’d love to say

            but hey,you know then you’re more prone to sway

            so i’ll tell instead, you’ve figured out the path

            don’t think so? well then someday soon,after all you are smart

            or so they say…

            so you’re finally seeing it in shades

            other than the mellows, hues getting more dismal nowadays?

            that’s when your canvas is being tested,you see

            whether you’ll emerge as the beholder of the brush

            or just give in to the rush

            and make your palate out of the greys.




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