untitled…it feels better this way

via Daily Prompt: Learning

‘i have changed’,so she tells me. At 1 am,i see her lying flat on her stomach,tired and yes a little sleepy, after a much busy day of doing nothing close to what she must be doing,much like her every other day. well i’m sure you have,good for you i say.

she has these sudden moments of inspirations,you see. every now and then. acts on them too,just sticking to them seems to be the loose string.

see i told ya, she was this close but damnation!(cause damn just doesn’t sound frustrated enough) the sweet devil of slumber has struck again.

so it looks like the rest of the learning has to be left for later, “after all tomorrow is a new day” in the words of the sturdy yet crazy Scarlett.


#1 know the hands of time,they play fair,always and that is what makes them invincible…

unless,of course, you see to it.


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