When things don’t work out as planned…for there is no plan.

my friend’s been having a hard time concentrating..finding it difficult to rest her mind or heart at one thing.

she’s scared as an ideal mind’s truly a devils workshop. who knows it better than her. but she knows she’ll find herself back on ground ..what she needs are some jostling shakes and the right pushes at the right time.

happyly enchanted                   When all beauty loses its sheen… for without a purpose you can only be so keen.  


Charmed by its flaws stalked by its demons

when mind diverted, worry worth a penny

when heart desultory, restlessness is all you see

when both clouded with a mist pouring a passion two faced

the outcome don’t matter

not as much as the realisation that you are alive

but you know trouble is lurking around the corner

when both as restful as the dead mans coffin


for you never know who’s the hunter

or who’s being hunted.



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