Feel something so right doing the wrong thing**

Always been bad at things involving patience…this girl that i’m going to talk about through all my posts.

How i came to meet her and why am i writing about her of all the people? i can assure you there’re no matters of heart involved …ya i’m pretty straight despite what others think or say about me.so why? maybe my life ain’t something to talk about but her’s is.

She’s 16 years old and maybe having the best life anyone could wish to have.great friends,amazing place she lives in …she calls it a-piece-of-moonlight-amidst-the-chaos(not a big fan of sunlight you see). school life’s also simply beautiful. not the coolest parents but understanding enough to live through a day without murderous thoughts. so yes, life seems pretty good for her so what the hell am i going to write about?.my inner self answers me …can’t i write about a normal girl doing normal things and having normal fears?(please keep your views to yourself;) ) . yes dear me i CAN and i will’

So welcome to all those who do or maybe don’t give a damn about this s***, the journey yet not so much of a journey of a normal girl begins…

can't let the dark turns scare me or the shimmering sunlight blind me

** you wondering how the hell this topic depicts anything about what’s written below..sorry folks but yes it doesn’t …well at least not to you!


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